Swinburne Institute
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Postgraduate students

Current students

PersonThesis / Project titleLocationPhonePublications
Wajeehah Aayeshah Playing with journalism: Gaming technology in investigative journalism education 400B1 9214 4682 Researcher Profile
Viktoria Adler From Colombia to Australia. Life stories of shifting identities among Colombian born women living in Melbourne, Australia EW204 - -
Eselealofa Apinelu Understanding Indigenous Collective Rights as a Tool for Sustainable Development and Safeguard for the Rule of Law in Pacific Island Countries - - -
Laurentina Barreto China-Timor-Leste Relations: A Case Study - - -
Deborah Batterham Exploring the role of mobility, poverty and labour market attachment in explaining the relationship between structural factors and aggregate the rates of homelessness in Australia - - -
William Birnbauer The future of investigative journalism in Australia; Lessons from other times and places - - Researcher Profile
Mandy Brent-Houghton The invisible descent into poverty? The housing of older single women in Australia - - -
Martin Bush The history of popular astronomy in Australia during the era of the lantern slide, 1840 - 1920 EW204 - -
Robert Carey The media's altering role in relation to the way people construct meaning, with reference to the decline of the Catholic Press EW203 9214 4807 Researcher Profile
Dylan Davis Digital design for community engagement, in the context of digital story telling AMDC701 9214 6199 -
Alexandra Dane Women Authors and the Australian Literary Publishing Industry - - -
Hind Ghandour Citizenship and belonging: the case of Lebanon's naturalized Palestinians EW203 9214 8859 -
Dawn Gilmore In online education how does student participation impact the formation of communities of practice in online and offline spaces - - -
Paul Goldacre Team & Game Based Mobile Learning as an Enabler of Social Innovation - - -
Sanjiv Goswami Challenges to Social Cohesion in India's Northeast: Towards A New Paradigm - - -
Emily Graham The human experience of receiving international aid: an ethnographic comparison of aid saturation and lack of aid in Sri Lanka - - -
Sarah Greenlees Adapting to reform in the Indigenous social housing sector: Parallel case studies of Indigenous and mainstream housing providers - - -
Catherine Griff Audiovisual audience transformation: How producers of screen fiction imagine, research and reach their audience EW204   -
Sandra Hanchard Understanding generational knowledge transfer through social media - - Researcher Profile
Rob Hoffman Inclusion and exclusion: The state of the Australian electoral roll BA504 9214 8108 Researcher Profile
Josee Hünnekes The others within - experiences and identities of Rohingya in Malaysia EW204 - -
Jasmina Kijevcanin Serbian victimhood and the making of public policy SW204-7 9214 5803 Researcher Profile
Matthew Loads An analysis of the webisode, how it extends storytelling in serialised television drama and how narrative, cultural and commercial influences shape them EW204 - -
Juliana Lobo De Queiroz Refugee women, resettlement and entrepreneurship - an applied anthropology of refugee women's entrepreneurship - - -
Helen McKernan Policing the Vietnamese community in Melbourne EW203 9214 8660 Researcher Profile
Ailsa McPherson How long-term renters create financial and psycho-social security in the absence of primary home ownership - - Researcher Profile
Benjamin Rankin Water politics in Victoria BA309 9214 8108 Researcher Profile
Nathaniel Reader Early voting at Australian elections EW203 - -
Larry Schwartz A Knock on the Door: A non-fiction Artefact and Exegesis AS401 9214 8575 Researcher Profile
Athar Shafaei The Impact of Economic Sanctions on Afghan's Life Situation in Iran - - -
Mark Singer Towards the development of an appraisal model as a decision support tool for climate change adaptation options of NSW social housing providers EW204 9214 5803 Researcher Profile
Christina Ting Studies on community behaviours towards water conservation and how they can make a difference on environmental sustainability EW204 9214 5739 Researcher Profile
Emily Van Der Nagel Mediated intimacy: gender roles and social networking EW204 - -
Peter Walsh The transition to sustainable living in Australia's middle suburbs Interstate - Researcher Profile
Gregory Wee Film funding in Malaysia in the context of national cinema - - Researcher Profile
Katherine Wilson The new luddites - - Researcher Profile
Jennifer Witheridge Contested space. Future challenges and pathways for open space provision in Australian suburbs - - Researcher Profile

Recent completions

PersonThesis / Project title
Riccardo Armillei Cultural Identity and Intercultural Learning in Western Nation-states: Developing a Dynamic Approach to Cross-cultural Contacts
Michaela Callaghan The Dance of Resistance
Michelle Dimasi Christmas Island and the impact of Australia's immigration policies
Scott Ewing Knowing the Australian internet: Statistics, public policy and media industry disruption
Mohammad Hadi Sohrabi Haghighat The impact of the internet on social capital
Dustin Halse The Community and Public Sector Union: A thematic history
Christine Horn Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future
Jenny Kennedy Networked Spaces: Performances of Identity in Converging Spaces
Annika Lems Remembering life in transit. A transnational project about Somalian refugees and their memories about flight, spaces out of law and denied protection
Sue Malta Love, sex and intimacy in new late-life romantic relationships
David Moore Arthur Moore and the Non-Labor Parties in Queensland: 1915 - 1941
Jennifer Newton-Farrelly Fairness and equity in electoral redistributions in Australia
May Ngo Citizenship at the border: Border control, state sovereignty and acts of agency
Kerry Ryan The aims and effects of the Australian citizenship test
Stefanie Scherr Gendered experience of migration by Russian migrants
Kathrin Schmieder Participatory photography & photo journalism
Jill Stockwell How does women's experience of conflict shape social memory and historical justice: The interplay between collective and individual memories
Chris Wilson Frequently Modulating: Australian Radio's Relationship With Youth