Lodgement instructions and deadlines

Make sure you submit to the correct review body (as determined in levels of ethical review).

SUHREC review

Original signed (clipped not stapled) hard copy plus four (4) copies (preferably double-sided) plus electronic submission to resethics@swin.edu.au*


SUHREC deadlines 2018

  • Tuesday 27 March
  • Friday 27 April
  • Friday 1 June
  • Friday 6 July
  • Friday 3 August
  • Friday 31 August
  • Thursday 27 September
  • Friday 26 October
  • Friday 23 November

SHESC review

Original signed (clipped not stapled) hard copy plus one (1) copy (preferably double-sided) plus electronic submission to resethics@swin.edu.au*

Please note that SHESC Meetings are generally scheduled within 9 working days of the deadlines.

SHESC deadlines 2018

  • Tuesday 13 March
  • Monday 26 March
  • Monday 9 April
  • Monday 23 April
  • Monday 7 May
  • Monday 21 May
  • Monday 28 May
  • Tuesday 12 June
  • Monday 25 June

* Note: Electronic submissions should be:

  • One PDF file only (please submit as a searchable pdf)
  • Page numbered, with no blank pages
  • Clearly identified in the footer of the document as version 1
  • Dated

Other review:

Please contact the Research Ethics Office

Where to submit

Ethics applications (completed and signed original plus correct number of copies) can be lodged in person:

Swinburne Research Ethics Office
Level 1, Swinburne Place South (SPS Building)
Wakefield Street, Hawthorn

or by mail:

Research Ethics Office
Swinburne Research (H68)
Swinburne University of Technology
P O Box 218
Hawthorn VIC 3122