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About Us

The National Centre for Sustainability (NCS) is transforming the way we live, work and learn through a shared understanding of sustainability. Established in 2002, the centre brings together a dedicated network of individuals to further develop and promote sustainability concepts and education.

The NCS is a leading provider of sustainability education programs:

  • We provide unique courses that are flexible and designed to be studied part-time and online to compliment work/study commitments.
  • We offer postgraduate, TAFE and short courses on sustainability to help further your career.
  • We tailor sustainability training to meet the needs of business with workplace training options available.
  • We provide consultancy services to meet the sustainability needs of business and the community. From carbon auditing to designing or evaluating behaviour change programs, we can respond to your needs
  • We work closely with government agencies, other training providers and industry to forecast green skills needs, gaps and opportunities. We can customise courses and training resources to respond to the changing needs of business.

Sustainability Strategy

The NCS has been involved in shaping and monitoring the implementation of Swinburne's sustainability strategy which is linked to Swinburne's focus on creating a sustainable future.

Business and Community

For over 9 years, the NCS has utilised its team’s commitment to innovation, quality, and professionalism to provide sustainability solutions and services to business and community.

The NCS believes that the future of business and community is intrinsically linked to positive outcomes for the environment which supports both. Through working with partners and collaborators, the NCS seeks to develop a shared understanding of sustainability and support the development of the new approaches necessary for sustainable progress. In more recent years we have consolidated and focused the energy of the team into course resource development of sustainability course delivery, however, we are always seeking opportunities to work with business, Government and the community to progress their sustainability objectives in areas of:

  • Sustainability assessment, strategy and reporting, including carbon inventory and ecological footprint development, assistance in developing sustainability reports
  • Stakeholder engagement, including the development and delivery of in-house sustainability training (accredited and non-accredited)
  • Behaviour change programs, including design, implementation and evaluation
  • Climate change solutions, including delivery of accredited and non-accredited training in Carbon Accounting training, greenhouse modelling and advice, carbon credit and trading advice, greenhouse inventory verification and carbon neutral assertion for organisations.