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Making an Appointment

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For many people making an appointment to meet with a counsellor can be anxiety provoking. This page provides information to ease anxiety about making the first step in the therapeutic process by answering common questions about using this service

How to Make an Appointment with a Counsellor

  1. Referrals to Older Adults Counselling Service can be made online by an aged care facility that has been registered with us. To register, please contact Sunil Bhar on (03) 9214 8653 or
  2. Once you have registered, please complete the online referral form to make a referral. A representative from the Psychology Clinic will contact you to confirm that a referral has been received.
  3. A counsellor will aim to meet with the resident within a week of receiving the referral.
  4. Sessions occur at the residential aged care facility or, if preferred at the Swinburne Psychology Clinic.

Payments for Older Adults Counselling Service

Consultation fees for psychological counselling are $30 per session. Payments for psychological counselling appointments are usually made through the aged care facility. An invoice is typically issued to the residential facility, rather than to individual residents.