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Lifestyle Intervention Independent Living Aged Care

This will be a six month trial with ethical approval for future follow-up assessments  The aim of this research is to investigate the effects of a six month evidence based diet and exercise program on cognitive abilities, mood, general health and perceived wellness. The present trial will consist of 208 persons 60-90 years of age, living independently. Participants will be randomly allocated to one of four conditions:

  • Group 1 : Diet change to reflect a greater adherence to a Mediterranean diet
  • Group 2 : Exercise change to¬† walk 30 to 40 minutes every second day
  • Group 3 : Combined diet and exercise change
  • Group 4 : Control group with no diet or exercise change

Assessments will take place at baseline, 3 months and 6 months Blood biomarkers will be collected at baseline and the final visit only.


Roy Hardman

Greg Kennedy

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