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Social Psychology

About us

The Social Psychology Flagship examines attitudes and processes relevant to understanding human social behaviour, often with a focus on wellbeing and basic psychological mechanisms in forensic settings. The group’s research comprises national surveys and interviews, and experimental, survey-based, and qualitative research in the study of social interaction and cognition, decision-making, developmental processes, and mental health and behavioural interventions.

Flagship members work closely with the following facilities and groups:

Flagship members have been funded by the following organisations:

  • United States Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • American Psychology-Law Society
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
  • Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration
  • Barbara Dicker Brain Sciences Foundation

Our expertise

Specific research interests of Flagship members include:

Expertise Staff
Online interventions for improving wellbeing and treating mental and physical health problems Dr Jo Abbott
Anger management, post traumatic growth, narrative models of personality, and autobiographical memory Professor Glen Bates
Eyewitness memory, police procedures and policies for eyewitnesses, people’s perceptions of eyewitness identification evidence, and jury decision-making Dr Jennifer Beaudry
Attitude formation and change, cognitive style, public opinion and trust particularly in the area of medical research (genomics, commercialisation, diabetes), climate change, parenting and mental health. Associate Professor Christine Critchley
The professional practice of psychology, fear of crime, attributions of responsibility in crime, domestic violence, dangerousness and drug use, and psychology and the media Associate Professor Ann Knowles
Adolescent development, sexuality, coping with illness and psychology of ageing Emeritus Professor Susan Moore
Epidemiology, health program evaluation, and health economics Dr Maja Nedeljkovic
Jury decision-making, policing and corrections Associate Professor Jeff Pfeifer
Procedural justice reasoning in the legal system, including restorative justice procedures and authorities’ decision making in interrogation and trial settings Dr Diane Sivasubramaniam

Contact us

The group is housed in the Advanced Technologies Centre (ATC) at Swinburne’s Hawthorn campus.

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