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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Principals: Dr Sunil Bhar

The Mental Health and Wellbeing flagship brings together researchers with an interest in understanding and treating psychological and health disorders. This group conducts research to further understand psychological and health disorders and to evaluate relevant treatments. A unique feature of the group's research is the e-Therapy unit which develops internet-based assessments and treatments for psychological disorders and health-related issues.

Specific research interests include:

  • Psychotherapy process research (Led by Dr Sunil Bhar).
  • The delivery of structured evidence-based intervention/treatment programs for clinical disorders/symptoms via the internet with or without human support (led by Professor Michael Kyrios & Dr Neil Thomas)
  • Self and and emotion focused interventions (Led by Professor Michael Kyrios and Associate Professor Stephen Theiler).
  • Reminiscence therapies (Led by Dr Sunil Bhar)
  • Suicide prevention (Led by Dr Sunil Bhar).
  • Schizophrenia and psychotic symptoms such as auditory verbal hallucinations and delusions, spanning neuroimaging, cognitive processes, processes in personal recovery, and psychological interventions (led by Professor Susan Rossell & Dr Neil Thomas).
  • Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorders including: OCD, Hoarding, Trichotillomania and Body Dysmorphic/Body Image Disorders. Models of psychopathology and treatment related issues; (Led by Dr Maja Nedeljkovic & Professor Michael Kyrios)
  • Pathological gambling and addiction related disorders (led by Professor Michael Kyrios)Disorders of mood and mood regulation, particularly bipolar disorder (led by Professor Greg Murray)
  • Social anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (Led by Professor Glen Bates)
  • Forensic psychology, policing and mental health, and offender cognitive skills (led by Dr Jeff Pfeifer)
  • Neuro - and behavioural markers for Autism Spectrum Disorders (Led by Dr Jordy Kaufman).
  • Child and adolescent mental health, parenting, autism spectrum disorders, and twins (Led by Dr. Catherine Wood)
  • Research into psychological factors associated with chronic medical illnesses such as diabetes and cancer (led by Professor Michael Kyrios)
  • Biological basis of personality using a multidisciplinary approach; combining psychology and neurosciences (Led by Dr Joseph Ciorciari)
  • Research into the primary care system, particularly its integration of psychological treatments and psychologists (led by Professor Michael Kyrios)
  • Life span development (especially grandparenting), risk taking, sexuality, health promotion (Professor Susan Moore).
  • Student distress (Led by Associate Professor Stephen Theiler)
  • Loneliness and its negative impact on mental health (Led by Dr Michelle Lim)
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