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Gambling Research Projects

Gamblers tell their stories: An in-depth exploration of lifetime patterns of gambling

The objective of this research is to conduct an in-depth, lifetime investigation of patterns of gambling behaviour. The vast majority of gambling research only allows us a brief look at factors impacting on gambling behaviour at a single point in time.

We will use life histories that we have now collected from interviews with 48 gamblers (both social gamblers and problem gamblers) to allow us to gain insight into how gamblers perceive their gambling patterns to have changed over time. Life histories may enable a deeper understanding of the influence of family of origin and major life events on gambling behaviours. We are also interested to explore choice of gambling products, self-regulation strategies and socio-environmental factors on gambling and gambling-related harm.

This type of investigation will provide insight into how different factors occurring across time affect and change the way people gamble, why they gamble and the riskiness of their gambling. Analysis of data from the interviews is ongoing, and should provide insight into onset of gambling, when and why patterns of gambling move from safe to risky or from risky to safe, and what harms result from risky gambling.

The report for the Gamblers tell their stories study is now available from the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation website.

Researchers involved in this project include: