Swinburne Abroad 2020 overseas programs cancelled

Due to COVID-19, we have cancelled all overseas programs for 2020. We plan to resume overseas study programs from January 2021. Our 2021 programs will be updated here shortly, so stay tuned for the exciting opportunities that will be available. 

The health and safety of our students is always our first priority and we will closely monitor the situation over the coming months to ensure that programs can run safely before proceeding.

Welcome to your international study adventure! Ever wanted to live and study in a vibrant city in Europe, Asia or the Americas? Depending on your course, as a Swinburne student you can study overseas and gain credit for it. Explore your options to take your studies overseas and live the life of a local in a foreign country. 

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    Overseas internships

    Through our global partners, we offer our students incredible international working experiences with companies and roles that are directly relevant to your studies.

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    Overseas study tours

    Our short-term overseas study tours are led by experienced faculty staff members and are an exciting way to learn outside of the classroom and travel.

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    Studying a semester abroad

    An opportunity like no other, studying a semester abroad allows to explore a new culture, live like a local, make new friends and lifelong memories while continuing your academic progress.

  • Overseas program fee help and scholarships

    Planning your finances is an important part of any overseas study program. Learn more about the fee help and scholarships options available to you as a Swinburne student.

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    Planning and support for overseas programs

    We’re here to help you plan and prepare for your overseas program, and we also offer on-going support so you can fully enjoy your study experience.

Returning from an overseas program?

It can be difficult re-adjusting to life back home after an overseas experience. To help you settle back into normal student life, we offer help and support for students returning from any of our overseas study programs.

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Four reasons why you should study abroad

Incorporating an overseas study experience into your degree can have heaps of benefits and can really set yourself apart from the crowd when it comes to starting your career. An international study experience not only distinguishes you as a student of excellence, who is adventurous, open-minded and adaptable but it will also enrich your life personally, academically and professionally, too. 

This is a unique opportunity to travel and experience life in a different country while continuing your academic progress. You get to live as the locals do, expand your academic and personal horizons and make treasured life-long memories. But most of all, travelling is a whole lot fun!

Sound like an experience of a lifetime? Here are four more reasons why you should pack your books and bags and study abroad!

1. Gain a fresh perspective on your studies

Looking at things from another angle allows for new insights. A different academic environment could give you a fresh perspective on your field, reinvigorate an existing interest or open up new ones. As a student that has travelled overseas on a study abroad program, you bring new ideas to the table — something employers look for.

2. Give your career an international edge

Many employers actively seek graduates with international experience as it demonstrates independence, flexibility and ambition. Overseas study can increase your job prospects at home and abroad. It's the ideal preparation for the global employment market.

3. Establish a network of professional contacts

Become part of the global community by using your study abroad experience to establish professional contacts from around the world. You never know where these contacts can take you, you may even land your dream job!

4. Learn a new language

There's no better way to learn a new language than to immerse yourself in another culture and living in that country. Being multilingual looks great on your CV and shows employers that you're versatile, mature and an excellent learner. It shows you have an inquisitive mind and that personal development is a priority for you — a great way to stand out to future employers!

Quite simply, an overseas study experience could change your life.

Swinburne student Charlotte on exchange in Milan, Italy. 

Are you currently overseas on a study program?

If you are currently studying overseas in one of our study programs, there are a few important things to remember including pre-departure procedures (if you’ve forgotten), confirming your subjects and emergency contact details. 

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Want to study in Melbourne, Australia?

Vibrant and cosmopolitan, Melbourne is a buzzing melting pot of people and cultures from all around the globe. Experience the unique Melbournian student lifestyle while gaining credit for your studies back in your home country.

Why study in Australia

Interested in studying abroad?

Our friendly and well-travelled Swinburne Abroad team can help answer any questions about our overseas study programs.

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