Library policy on disability support


Disability Support

Date of issue

June 2012

Authorised by

The Director, Information Resources

Managerial responsibility

Director, Information Resources, University Librarian, Manager, Library Operations Hawthorn,  Information Services Manager, Wantirna and Croydon, Manager, Library Teaching and Learning Services, Hawthorn, Manager, Library Research and Collection Services, Hawthorn , Disability Interest Group (Information Resources Group).

Other responsibilities

Liaison librarians, Reference librarians, Lending Services staff.

Policy purpose

The Library will:

  • Educate library staff on Swinburne's legal obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth.)
  • Educate library staff on the differing needs of people living with disability
  • Encourage input regarding library services and resources from people living with disability
  • Ensure cross campus co-ordination of services for people living with disability and liaison between the designated co-ordinators at each campus library
  • Maximise accessibility to information resources including, where appropriate, the use of alternative formats, adaptive equipment, flexible borrowing arrangements and personal assistance
  • Ensure that information on library services and facilities is widely disseminated in a range of suitable formats
  • Ensure that designated coordinators update their knowledge and expertise, through ongoing review of current best practice and liaison with relevant colleagues and agencies.

Policy scope

Policy and procedure applies to all services, facilities and resources provided by Swinburne library through the campus libraries and online via the library website.

Related materials

Information Resources Group operates under the umbrella of Commonwealth and State legislation and University policies related to disability. These include related material: