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  • Thomson Innovation
    Access to full-text patents and published applications from the United States, Europe and Asia. Note: access is via IP authentication: no password is required. On the homepage, click the QUICK LAUNCH IP AUTHENTICATION button to launch smart search and configure your browser settings to allow popups from the Thomson Innovation website.
  • Espacenet
    Search and view the full text of patents. Includes UK and European patents and patents from individual European patenting authorities,World patents and US Patent Office. Also includes Australian patents.
  • US Patent Full Text Database
    Full text of US patents from 1976, full page images from 1790.
  • Google Patents
    Searches USPTO database from 1790s to last few months. Does not cover patent applications or foreign patents or recently issued patents.
  • Canadian Intellectual Property Office
    Search 75 years of patent descriptions and images.
  • Japan Patent Office
    Includes searching  patents and trademarks databases.
  • Source IP
    Displays patents filed by participating Australian public research organisations, including Swinburne.


Intellectual property and copyright

Intellectual property

  • IP Australia
    Intellectual property organisations in Australia and overseas.


Citing a patent

Citing a patent in a bibliography or reference list:

The minimum data required for an acceptable citation are the inventor's name(s), year of patent issue, title of patent, country of issue, patent number (include additional dating information, if available, at the end)

For example:  

Bernson, SW 1980, Conversion of Methane. U.S Patent 4,199,533. April 22

De Wied, A 1957, Improvements in the packing of sausage casings, GB 769446.