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Linking to articles in CCH Intelliconnect

Required browser: Internet Explorer

1. Go to CCH Intelliconnect

2. Search for specific libraries

Locate the CCH libraries that you wish to link to

3. Copy link(s) to Windows Clipboard

  • Tick the checkboxes next to items that you would like to save links to,
  • Click the “Save Links to Content” icon. The selected items and their associated URLs will be displayed in a pop-up dialog box “Save Links to Content Dialog”
  • Click option “Copy selected URLs to Windows Clipboard” to copy the selected URLs to Windows Clipboard
    (See Illustration 1)

4. Create link(s)

  • Paste the content of the Clipboard into Notepad
  • Add the EzProxy Prefix to the beginning of each link obtained in Step 3 above
  • Copy the final URL link(s) and paste them into any application, eg, Subject Guides, Blackboard, word documents, emails etc.

Illustration 1. Copy link(s) to Windows Clipboard