While the Innovation Precinct helps smart ideas get off the ground and into market, it also provides an avenue for companies and industry to tap into an exciting range of investment opportunities.

We welcome discussions with companies and individuals looking to invest in strong research-led commercial ideas.

There are a range of projects in which you can invest:

  • providing cash prizes to our startup competitions
  • investing seed funding in promising startup ideas
  • creation of joint ventures to commercialise industry changing concepts.

"Now is the right time for the government and the university sector to work together with industry to bring about a transformation in which high‐growth, technology‐based businesses become a driving force behind Australia’s economy."
Colin Kinner, Office of the Chief Scientist, October 2015.

Swinburne ventures

Swinburne Ventures evaluates and invests in commercialisation of intellectual property (IP) derived from the University’s research.

Swinburne Ventures is a separate company with a skills-based board and an independent chair.

Ideas can be commercialised by the creation of a spin-off company or by licensing of the IP. If a new company is created, Swinburne Ventures holds the University's stake in the company.

Swinburne Ventures also administers the Swinburne Intellectual Property Trust, a fund created to support the commercial application of Swinburne’s research and development activities.

This gives Swinburne Ventures the opportunity to invest in new companies on behalf of the university. Swinburne Ventures also works with external investors to guide the Swinburne research program in directions that will achieve real business innovation and social impact.