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Role Oriented Adaptive Design

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ROAD4WS (ROAD for web services) is a web services realization of the ROAD meta-model. ROAD4WS acts as an extension to Apache Axis2 web services engine. The extension allows deploying self managed web services compositions in a comprehensive manner.

Figure 1. Deploying a ROAD SMC as a web service composite
Figure 1. Deploying a ROAD SMC as a web service composite

The input to the extension is an xml descriptor file (ROAD SMC) as shown in the figure above. The xml descriptor can be designed using the ROADdesigner graphical editor. The input file will be parsed using the ROADfactory. The deployment is dynamic. In these sense composite descriptors could be deployed while the server (e.g. Apache Tomcat) is up and running. Further, the deployment is a matter of dropping the descriptor to a pre-specified location. Please refer the ROAD documentation distributions for more information.

Upon deployment the extension creates a set of abstract web services in the Axis2 runtime. Abstract in the sense there is no implemented functionality. Each Role in ROAD design correspondent to a web service. Each operation of a Role is correspondent to a web service operation. Also ROAD4WS manipulates the service interfaces according to the internal Role changes of the deployed composition.

Furthermore the ROAD4WS mediates the message exchange among Role players (i.e. external web services) and the ROAD Composites. The message exchange is asynchronous and at the moment supports SOAP. Please refer the architecture guide for more information.


Please visit our download page to get ROAD binaries, source code, and documentation distributions.

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