Digital Health Research Network

Research focus and projects

Research focus

The strategic research focus for the Digital Health Research Network includes:

  • making an impact on people’s health through digital technologies
  • consumer engagement and empowerment
  • participation in health enabled by technology
  • effective evidence-based digital interventions
  • redefining models of care and services
  • supporting health professionals in their work
  • promoting health and digital health literacy
  • overcoming barriers to care and adoption of technologies.


Researchers of the Digital Health Research Network are engaging in a range of projects that align with our strategic focus areas. The following are a few examples.

IT and Me: An online survey of digital technology use by people living with long-term health conditions

Researchers: Dr Carolynne White, Dr Mark Merolli

Project description: To investigate the use and therapeutic affordances of digital technologies for adults living with long-term health conditions. The project also explores the relationships between people’s use of digital technology, their illness experiences, and health and well-being.

Impact of subjective loneliness on social functioning and mental health symptoms: Connecting with others in older age

Researchers: Dr Michelle Lim, Associate Professor Sunil Bhar, Mr Simon Curran, Dr Abdullah Al Mahmud

Project description: To obtain information about how older adults experience loneliness. The project investigates how they use information and advice they receive in different ways digitally to help with social interactions.

Mobile apps for healthy eating and lifestyle behaviour change

Researchers: Dr Annie Lassemillante, Dr Mark Merolli

Project description: Design and assess the efficacy of a mobile app to support health behaviour change in lifestyle interventions for the management of health and disease.