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Past events

Discover the range of past events hosted by the Faculty of Health, Arts and Design.

Workplace communication skills: strategies to improve your pronunciation featuring leading speech pathologist

This seminar features a leading speech pathologist who specialises in helping international students improve English clarity and minimise accents.

Swinburne World Kitchen

Celebrate the cultural diversity of our students and the joy of sharing food experiences from all corners of the globe.

Using R for Statistical Analysis (STAA0003B)

This course of study aims to extend the ideas developed in Introduction to R.

Australian workplace culture with guest speaker

Hear from Taruni Falconer, an intercultural expert assisting executives in large corporations to overcome cultural barriers and succeed in new work environments.

Staff and Student Flu Vaccinations

Get your free flu vaccination from Wellbeing@Swin

Hawthorn flu vaccinations

Free flu vaccinations for students at our Hawthorn health clinic.

Loneliness: A 21st century challenge

Join Professor Julianne Holt-Lunstad as she delves into the issues surrounding loneliness, how it affects us and what we as a society can do about it.

Advanced Topics in Regression B: (STAA0010B)

Statistical techniques as listed below will be covered with an emphasis on the interpretation and reporting of these results. Mixed Models, Generalised Estimating Equations, Multi-level Models and Survival Analysis.

Research Design (STAA0004B)

You will acquire skills and knowledge in observational and experimental studies, designing an experiment, incidence and prevalence statistics, different types of study designs including Cohort and Case-control studies.

Swinburne Abroad 'Go Global' Expo

Come along to learn about how you can study overseas as part of your Swinburne degree.