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Past events

Discover the range of past events hosted by the Faculty of Health, Arts and Design.

CUTransitions Talks

Privileged female Migration from the Global South to the Global North - an ethnographic case study of relatively privileged Colombian female migrants living in Melbourne, Australia.

CSI Swinburne Lunchtime Seminar - Dr Susan Phillips

The Editor-in-Chief of the leading international nonprofit journal, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, gives an overview of the ‘inside’ of a journal’s decision-making, and provides tips for success in the peer-review process.

Walking in VR Colloquium

An informal discussion with Professor Jeffrey Hausdorff (Tel-Aviv University) and other experts, about advances in the use of virtual reality in health care and why we measure real-world gait.

CFBS Seminar Series opening address - The Second Convict Age: Explaining the Return of Mass Imprisonment in Australia

The Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science presents the 2020 Opening Address by The Hon. Dr Andrew Leigh, MP. The Second Convict Age: Explaining the Return of Mass Imprisonment in Australia.

CUTransitions Talks

Prosper Australia Research Institute - probing the land question from the ‘radical centre’.

New housing tenures: intermediate tenures, collaborative housing and functional tenancies

A blueprint for the effective coupling of participatory and modelling methods for developing sustainability pathways.


Moondani Toombadool Centre Teaching and Research Symposium

The Moondani Toombadool Centre is hosting a one-day Indigenous Studies Symposium and will include panel sessions on Indigenous teaching and learning, and on Indigenous research.

Science and Wireless 2019

Hear from world experts on the new 5th generation of mobile communication technology (5G), as well as the new ICNIRP guidelines on limiting electromagnetic fields.

Mental Health Programs for Aged Care Residents: Translating Knowledge to Practice

The forum focusses on how we can transform research findings and knowledge about mental health care into practice and programs to improve choice, control and dignity for older adults living in residential aged care facilities.

GradX 2019: Design Futures Awards Night

Get ready to celebrate at Swinburne’s 2019 design graduate exhibition – GradX. Our graduates are shaping the world, and we would like you to be a part of their final celebration before they step into