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Kath Watson Scholarship for Women

Dr Kath Watson AM is a former pioneering high school principal and long-serving Swinburne Council member. Moved by the level of real need among local disadvantaged women, she established The Kath Watson Scholarship for Women.

"In the average well-to-do Australian community, we have a high standard of living and it is a pretty good place to live,” says Kath. “But lots of women and girls are still disadvantaged, especially if they come from broken homes and lack family support."

In 2010 Kath created the scholarship to support female students from disadvantaged backgrounds. It supports them to undertake or continue tertiary education and to achieve their full academic potential by reducing their need to work outside of study.

Her generous gift has already supported a number of talented female students, and will continue to benefit many more well into the future.

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Dr Kath Watson AM

Study aspirations are critical to a woman's financial independence

Dr Kath Watson AM