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Prizes for academic excellence

The Swinburne prizes have been created to acknowledge our most dedicated and high achieving students. By contributing, you are providing valuable encouragement and recognition of outstanding academic performance for our students. Learn more about the impact of these donations.

You can choose the area of study and level of achievement you would like your prize to recognise. We fully manage the administration process from start to finish, including selection of the recipient. A prize ceremony is held each year with recipients, their friends and family, donors and university staff.

Setting up a new prize for a student is simple. You have the opportunity to create a named prize and present it in person. A named prize is a donation of no less than $500, to be in place for a period of 2 to 5 years.

The following structure and entry level values for named prizes provide a suggestion on how to allocate your level of support:

  • a prize of $500 (or your chosen value) awarded for achievement in an individual subject or unit of study
  • a prize of $1000 (or your chosen value) awarded for achievement in a particular year of study
  • a prize of $1500 (or your chosen value) or more awarded to a graduating student for overall achievement in a particular course.

Please contact us to discuss how you could set up a prize at Swinburne.

Cheryl, award recipient

The money validated my decision to keep going, to keep studying

Cheryl, award recipient