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George Collins Memorial Fund

George Collins (1955 - 2014)

Professor George Collins, Swinburne's Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Development, passed away unexpectedly on 14 November 2014.

George was a highly respected applied physicist with a long and productive career. He was known to work creatively at the interface between industry and research. As an admired colleague and leader, he was trusted and admired within Swinburne and the wider research community.

George was a fervent believer in the importance of applied research. He was passionate about connecting industry with scientists, engineers and researchers at universities and government agencies.

He had a great way with people. Together with his technical expertise, this made him a natural leader in fostering collaborative research. For George, research was not just about narrow discipline fields, but about people and relationships.

Joining Swinburne in 2012, George quickly made a strong impact. His focus was encouraging greater engagement with industry and promoting multi-disciplinary, collaborative research.

Inspiration to our researchers and students

George was able to offer our researchers with enthusiastic and helpful guidance. His direction meant researchers could apply their talents towards solving practical problems. This led to the creation of new products and services to meet emerging industry needs.

George also gave inspiration to our research students. He was keen to challenge them to ground their research expedition in the question ‘why?’. He also gave advice to not be discouraged on the long and winding research training journey.


Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research) Matthew Bailes' tribute to George is a warm insight to George's impact on Swinburne and our community.

Donations to the George Collins Memorial Fund

Colleagues and friends who wish to celebrate the life of George Collins can make a gift to the fund.

Donations will ensure that George's energy and passion for people and research can continue on. Gifts to the George Collins Memorial Fund will support the George Collins PhD travel scholarship. We anticipate the first scholarship will be awarded in 2016.

Professor Matthew Bailes, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research)

I think George would say that we should all do something remarkable

Professor Matthew Bailes, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research)