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Water resources engineering

The water resources engineering group focusses on the collection and management of water as a natural resource. Our multidisciplinary approach incorporates elements of civil engineering, hydrology, natural resource management, conservation, hydraulics, meteorology, geology and geomorphology and environmental science.

Our group has expertise on a wide range of topics including:

  • Water resources engineering
    • water demand modelling
    • rainfall and runoff forecasting
    • alternate water resources for urban areas
    • pollutant removal efficiences of WSUD technologies
    • optimising rainwater tank designs
    • impact of climate variability on water suppies
  • Water and environmental issues
    • floodplains, lakes and wetlands
    • urban heat island
    • river structure and river health
    • soil and water geochemistry
    • water quality
    • rainfall responses to climate change

Our resources

The resources of the water resources engineering group includes:

  • A dedicated hydraulics laboratory
  • Field research equipment for:
    • assessing water quality
    • determining local weather conditions (temperature, wind, rainfall)
    • thermal imaging
    • surface temperature assessment
    • surveying
    • measuring river flow
    • assessing river sediment size and movement
    • solar radiation measurement
  • Modelling, GIS, remote sensing and statistical software:
    • mike family of hydraulic models from DHI
    • drains
    • music
    • XP-Rafts and XP-SWMM
    • Arc GIS
    • ENVI
    • ER Mapper
    • Quick Terrain Modeller
    • XL Stat
    • Primer
    • PATN
    • SPSS
    • Minitab
    • Grapher


Please refer to staff profiles for details of our recent projects and postgraduate opportunities.

Our staff

Water resources engineering team leader

Associate Professor Monzur Imteaz

Academic and research staff

Associate Professor Monzur Imteaz
Dr Shirley Gato-Trinidad
Dr Scott Rayburg