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Going beyond visual appeal

Prosthetic foot and cosmetic cover designed by Jonathan YapWhile a beautifully designed object can look impressive, it might not necessarily provide an organisation or individual with any sort of value. Swinburne’s Centre for Design Innovation is challenging this problem, by encouraging its students to focus on designing for the client, and how their designs can have a lasting impact on society.

Product Design Engineering PhD student and 2014 Young Design Award finalist Jonathan Yap’s design of the Prosthetic Foot and Cosmetic Cover is just one example of the revolutionary work being undertaken at the Centre for Design Innovation. The prosthetic foot, which can be produced for around $15 from a 3D printer, is not just giving children in war-torn countries access to low cost aid, but also a better quality of life. The singleform design enables children to walk more comfortably, while also reducing the risk of further disability.

For more information, contact Associate Professor Kurt Seeman, Director of the Centre for Design Innovation.

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International research communities

Being part of Swinburne’s Centre for Design Innovation connects you with a global research network growing around the world as developed economies look to the fresh approach that advanced design insight brings to tackle big challenges, or stimulate new impact opportunities.

Areas of interest

  • Allied health, sport and aged care industry
  • Services industry
  • Product manufacturing industry
  • Public good sector
  • Discipline advancement and research partnerships


Project Contacts
Humanitarian village Leader: Kurt Seemann (
Post Doc Fellow: Yenny Rahmayati (
Future-self across the lifespan Leader: Sonja Pedell (
Emeritus: Leon Sterling (
Post Doc Fellow: Naseem Ahmadpour (
Condom 2.0 Leader: Scott Thompson-Whiteside (
Chief Investigator: Gianni Renda (
Chief Investigator: Bridgette Engeler Newbury (
Smart cap and gear Leader: Donald Iverson (
Post Doc Fellow: Nicole Aimers (