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Public lecture on developments in the field of resonant microsystems

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Date: Thursday 14 December 2017
Venue: EN615, EN Building, Hawthorn Campus

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Micromachined transducers use a variety of transduction mechanisms to convert energy between different physical or chemical domains to each other. Resonance, when considered as a method of converting information from one domain to another, has been shown to improve the sensitivity and resolution of sensors. It has widely been employed to build micro- and nano-sensors, with numerous commercial applications on the market.

In this talk, we will overview the basic operating principles of micro-resonators to demonstrate the advantages of resonant sensing. Applications of common transduction mechanisms to excite a microdevice into resonance and pick up the resultant vibrations will be discussed using examples of resonant transducers for sensing applications. Recent developments in the field of the design and applications of resonant microsystems, including coupling of resonators, nonlinearities, and merits of integrating microelectronic devices on micromechanical resonators will be presented.

About the speaker

Dr Behraad Bahreyni is an Associate Professor and the founding Director of the Integrated Multi-Transducer Systems laboratory (IMuTS Lab) at Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada. He received his BSc in electronics engineering from Sharif University of Technology, Iran, and MSc and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Manitoba, Canada, in 1999, 2001, and 2006, respectively. He was a post- doctoral researcher with the NanoSicence Centre at Cambridge University, UK, where he conducted research on interface circuit design for microresonators. He joined Simon Fraser University in 2008 after a one-year tenure in industry as a MEMS design engineer. In 2016, he was with NXP Semiconductors, the Netherlands, conducting research on advanced signal processing methods for sensing applications. Over the past decade, his research activities have focused on the design and fabrication of micro/nano-sensors, their interface electronics, and the required signal processing algorithms. Dr. Bahreyni is the author of about 100 technical publications including several patents and a book on the fabrication and design of resonant microdevices.

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Free entry; no registration required.
Light refreshments will be served in EN612 following the presentation.

Contact Information: Nola Pappas