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Swinburne ConocoPhillips Science Experience
AGSE207, AGSE Building,
Join us at Swinburne for the 2017 ConocoPhillips Science Experience and explore the never-ending possibilities of science.
SPIE. NanoPhotonics Australasia 2017
We're proud to host the SPIE. Australasia; where Science and industry connect to showcase the latest innovations across a wide range of technologies
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Public lecture on developments in the field of resonant microsystems
EN615, EN Building,
In this talk, VFS guest lecturer A/Prof Behraad Bahreyni will overview the basic operating principles of micro-resonators to demonstrate the advantages of resonant sensing.
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IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Distinguished Lecture
EN101, Level 1, EN Building,
A lecture by Prof. Kay Chen Tan overviewing applications of computational intelligence in condition-based maintenance.