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How to read Earth history from the rocks
Professor Patricia Rich from the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology zeroes in on a time when the Earth's first animals came into the picture - at a time when the planet was in the grips of a massive glaciation, Snowball Earth - which is likely better named Slushball Earth.
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Experience the Universe in 3D
Swinburne University Virtual Reality Theatre, Ground floor, AR Building, AR104,
Experience the Universe in 3D during the July school holidays at the Swinburne University Virtual Reality Theatre.
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Intersectionality 101: How we can embrace it at Swinburne
Professor Karen Farquharson, a sociologist with expertise in diversity management, race and racism will answer key questions on the topic of intersectionality and share what organisations are doing about it.
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2nd Annual Symposium on Biomedical Materials and Biointerfaces
ATC 101,
You are invited to a special symposium at Swinburne on the ‘hot’ multidisciplinary field of Medical Materials and Biointerfaces.