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How do Indigenous Australians read the stars?

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Date: Friday 2 June 2017
Venue: AMDC building, AMDC301, Hawthorn Campus

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Rising moon dance. Photo: Duane Hamacher

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have developed a number of practical ways to observe the various properties of stars to inform navigation, calendar development, time keeping, food economics, and weather prediction. This knowledge contains a significant scientific component, which is encoded in oral traditions and material culture.

This talk will explore the many ways in which Indigenous Australians encoded scientific information in their knowledge systems and some of the ways in which they pass this knowledge to successive generations. It will feature video of Torres Strait Islander dances, songs, and interviews.

Presenter: Dr Duane Hamacher, Senior Research Fellow, Monash Indigenous Studies Centre, Monash University

This lecture has been co-organised with the Swinburne Indigenous Studies Group as part of National Reconciliation Week 2017. It is part of the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing (CAS) free monthly public lecture series.

Contact Information: Liz Thackray
Email: Tel: +61 3 9214 5569