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Supporting Females in STEM - Industry Perspective
The George Building, Level 2, GS217,
All female students from the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology are invited to this networking event with a number of our major industry partners.
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Small, medium, large: what galaxy sizes reveal about their past
ATC Building, ATC101 (enter from Burwood road),
Dr Rebecca Allen from the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing will share how she uses the sizes of galaxies to understand more about their growth.
Energy for the Future
Join Dr Richard Manasseh from Swinburne as he discusses ocean power in Australia. Wave power presents a huge opportunity, however to date there have only been temporary trials, and this talk explains why.
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Light based solutions to challenges in clinical care
Dr Anita Mahadevan-Jansen from Vanderbilt University (USA) discusses 2 to 3 different medical challenges and the optical solution that was developed and implemented in a clinical setting.
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Managing big trajectory data: online processing of positional streams
Professor Timos Sellis from the Swinburne Data Science Research Institute, examines big data processing techniques over frequently updated locations and trajectories of moving objects.