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The vortices of Strouhal - a retrospective

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Date: Friday 7 April 2017
Venue: BA403, Hawthorn Campus

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Department of Mechanical and Product Design Engineering seminar

Dr David Lo Jacono, Universite Paul Sabatier and l'Institut de Mecanique de Fluides de Toulouse (IMFT)

During this seminar, I will talk about the link between Strouhal's findings and vortices. We learn that the Strouhal number characterises the shedding frequency of vortices behind a bluff-body, yet Strouhal never encountered a vortex. I will try to show the role played by various well-known researchers (Rayleigh, Bénard, Kármán, etc.), and others that are less well known yet have a key role towards understanding wake dynamics.

Starting from the motivation of Strouhal and ending with the modern analysis of wakes in 1930, I will try to build an incomplete and brief history of 19th-20th century (wake) fluid mechanics focussing on motivation and experimental insights. This work was originally part of my ScD dissertation and further completed for the recently held colloquium "A century of Fluid Mechanics 1870-1970" celebrating the IMFT century anniversary.

About the speaker

David Lo Jacono graduated from EPFL in 2005 while working on thermo-diffusive instabilities. He was then an academic visitor at Monash University as a Swiss National Science Fellow working on bioengineering problems. Later, as an ARC Fellow he worked on bluff-body and wind turbine wake problems within the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Since 2009, David Lo Jacono has worked at l’Institut de Meìcanique des Fluides de Toulouse (IMFT-CNRS), associated with l’Universiteì Paul Sabatier, in Toulouse, France.

David is a visiting researcher at Swinburne's Department of Mechanical and Product Design Engineering.

Contact Information: Dr Justin Leontini