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High Temperature Materials Performance and Structural Integrity

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Date: Wednesday 12 April 2017
Venue: EN214, Hawthorn Campus

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Swinburne's School of Engineering present a seminar by Dr Bo Chen, Coventry University (UK).

Title of research presentation

In-situ Neutron Diffraction and Multi-scale Material Characterisation Techniques for Studying High Temperature Materials Performance and Structural Integrity.


Modern technological progress, for example for electrical power generation, demands the use of engineering materials at increasingly higher temperatures. As a consequence of high temperature exposure, there are changes in material internal state. As an example, Type 316H austenitic stainless steel is widely used in nuclear power generation plant such as the UK’s Advanced Gas Cooled reactors (AGRs). Progressive changes in the underlying microstructure of Type 316H stainless steel are observed over the high temperature service life (>30 years). Thus, there is a need to develop improved understanding and predictive models of the evolution of the key microstructural features that describe mechanisms in controlling materials performance.

In this talk, I will present some key research outcomes in support of lifetime extension of the UK’s AGR reactors. A particular emphasis will be given to the importance of developing mechanistic understandings of material performance, via employing complementary multi-scale research methodology, which helps to bridge the gap between the nanometre length-scale microstructures and the millimetre to centimetre length-scale mechanical test specimens.

About the speaker

Dr Bo Chen joined Coventry University in Sept 2015 as a Lecturer in Materials and Manufacturing Processes. He has worked as a Research Associate in the School of Materials, The University of Manchester (2013-2015) and as a Teaching Associate and Research Assistant in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bristol (2011-2013). He has degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from Beihang University in China (BSc) and in Mechanical Engineering from University of Bristol in the UK (PhD).

Contact Information: Dr Yvonne Durandet