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Experience the Universe in 3D
Swinburne University Virtual Reality Theatre, Ground floor, AR Building, AR104,
Experience the Universe in 3D during the April school holidays at the Swinburne University Virtual Reality Theatre.
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Understanding Peakons, Periodic Peakons and Compactons via a Shallow Water Wave Equation
In our April Applied Mathematic seminar, Professor Jibin Li from Huaqiao University (China), will use a shallow water wave model to introduce the concepts of peakon, periodic peakon and compacton.
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Fulbright Mini Symposium
Hawthorn Arts Centre, Chandelier Room,
This mini symposium features Professor Benny Freeman, The University of Texas, and Dr Daniel J Miller from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
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Open challenges in continental tectonics: a computational modelling approach
Dr Fabio A. Capitanio from Monash University will speak at our Applied Mathematics seminar on open challenges in continental tectonics.
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The vortices of Strouhal - a retrospective
Dr David Lo Jacono, Universite Paul Sabatier and l'Institut de Mecanique de Fluides de Toulouse (IMFT) talks about the link between Strouhal's findings and vortices.
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The rocket science in everyday life in your backyard
Dr Themiya Nanayakkara from the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, explores how our investments in science have improved our way of living, and what the future may have in store.
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Household internet and the need for speed
This School of Software and Electrical Engineering seminar will evaluate the impact of our increasingly online lifestyles and the internet of things.
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High Temperature Materials Performance and Structural Integrity
Dr Bo CHEN from Coventry University, will present some key research outcomes in support of lifetime extension of the UK’s Advanced Gas Cooled (AGR) reactors.