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Public lecture with Associate Professor Brent D. Beal

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Date: 9 February 2018
Venue: Lecture theatre 202, Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship (AGSE) Hawthorn Campus

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This public lecture focused on two parts.

First, Brent framed discussion of management scholars’ contribution to income inequality by drawing on two working papers: Income inequality: Value flow analysis, market narratives, and organizational practice (Best Paper, SIM Division, 2016 AOM Conference) and Income inequality and management theory: Systemic considerations and causal paths (Best Paper Finalist, SIM Division, 2017 AOM Conference).

With a framework in place, Brent then facilitated an open discussion of management scholars’ complicity in current income inequality trends and seek to elicit suggestions for how management scholars might contribute to arresting these trends, through both changes to professional practice and contributions to public policy.

About the speaker 

Associate Professor Brent D. Beal teaches strategic management at the College of Business and Technology, University of Texas at Tyler. He conducts research on corporate social responsibility (CSR), value creation, strategic management, and economic markets.  More specifically, Brent is currently examining the relationship between the foundational narratives and dominant logics of the field of strategic management and systemic or macro-level value creation in economic markets.  He uses value creation to theorize about the social (ir)responsibility of different strategic management assumptions and prescriptions. He is also interested in the impact over time of the broad application of strategic management theory on the balance of macroeconomic value flows, primarily between households, firms and government, and the relationship between changes in these value flows and increasing income and wealth inequality.  Finally, Brent is working on explaining the structure of different corporate responsibility reporting frameworks by making the theoretical linkages between systemic value creation and these frameworks more explicit. He also authors teaching cases that illustrate the socially constructed nature of economic markets and the prevalence of different kinds of market failure.

Dr Beal has published articles inthe Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Philosophical Economics, Business Horizons, Journal of Managerial Issues, Case Research Journal, Business Case Journal, and Journal of Case Studies.

Contact Information: Dr Cristina Neesham