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Basic Statistics (STAA0001)

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Date: Twelve 2 hourly sessions: Thursdays 1/3-17/5
Venue: BA513 Hawthorn Campus

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**This course is full and is no longer taking registrations


Duration: 12 x 2 Hour Sessions

Date/s: Thursdays, 1/3-17/5 

Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Room:  BA513

Course Description:

Basic Statistics enables students to develop the capacity to carry out independent statistical analysis of data using a standard statistical software package and also aims to develop students’ abilities in effectively communicating the outcomes of statistical investigations.

Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to:

  1. Effectively display information in datasets graphically.
  2. Select an appropriate descriptive or inferential statistical technique based on the researcher’s hypothesis, the level of measurement of the variables and testing of the appropriate assumptions to analyse the data. 
  3. Select appropriate IBM SPSS Statistics procedures, Java applets on the web and mathematical calculations, to obtain basic statistical test results, including confidence intervals and effect size statistics. 
  4. Explain the foundations of statistical inference, in particular the role of sampling distributions and the use of the normal distribution as a density curve.
  5. Recognize when more advanced techniques are needed.
  6. Write interpretive summary reports for both descriptive and inferential statistical analysis.

Pre-requisites: None

Software used: IBM SPSS Statistics Version 24

Maximum Capacity: 20 students

Online quizzes are available for each course. To pass the course you are expected to attend most of the classes and pass the quizzes.

Contact Information: Charlotte Coles