Simple Linear Regression and ANOVA

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Date: Thursday 02 March 2017
Time: 5:30PM to 7:30PM
Venue: EN409 Hawthorn Campus

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 Course: STAA0002 -  Simple Linear Regression and ANOVA

Blackboard Site:  STAA0002

Dates: Twelve 2 hour sessions:  Thursdays 2/3-25/5(5.30 pm – 7.30 pm) (24 Hours)

Room:  EN409

Assumed Knowledge: Basic Statistics (eg. STAA0001)

Software used: IBM SPSS Statistics Version 24

Maximum 20 students

Course Description:

Statistical techniques as listed below will be covered with an emphasis on the interpretation and reporting of these results.

Topics covered will include

■ Introduction to statistical power

■ Identifying and reducing bias including data transformation and checking normality

■ Nonparametric models

Simple Linear Regression

● Correlation: Pearson, Spearman and Kendall’s tau-b

● Power Analysis for Pearson correlation

● Simple linear regression analysis

● Assumptions and inference for regression

● Common pitfalls of regression


● One way analysis of variance (ANOVA)

● Factorial analysis of variance for two factors

● Repeated measures analysis of variance

● Mixed Design Analysis of Variance

● Reporting of ANOVA results

● Power analysis and effect size statistics such as eta squared and omega squared

■ Basic categorical data analysis, including chi square, Fisher’s exact test, Lambda, Odds Ratio, Chi-square goodness of fit


Online quizzes will be available for self-assessment.

Contact Information: Charlotte Coles
Email: Tel: 9214 8434

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