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Visiting Professor Fred Ashbury, Toronto, Canada.

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Date: Tuesday 14 February 2017
Venue: AMDC505 Swinburne University -->

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Professor Fred Ashbury is Editor-in-Chief of the international, peer-reviewed journal, Supportive Care in Cancer (  He will personally workshop:


The purpose is to provide graduate students in social sciences and health disciplines with an overview of the key steps in evaluating programs/interventions. Examples from the facilitator’s experience will be used to help illustrate the concepts, and lessons learned to optimize success will be discussed.

Topics covered include:

- Defining the purpose of the evaluation

- Planning the evaluation

- Evaluation design options, data collection, analysis

- Writing the evaluation report


Writing for Peer-Reviewed Journals

This workshop is to provide graduate students and interested faculty with:

COMMON journal submission processes:

◦ The Editor-in-Chief’s Perspective

◦ The preparation elements of a reviewable article – the Author’s Perspective

◦ The Reviewer’s Perspective