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Design and Sustainability Transitions

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Date: Monday, 25th of November, 2019.
Venue: Centre for Urban Transitions, Building EW, Room 110, Hawthorn Campus

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Design for sustainability transitions, as the emerging edge of design for the sustainability field, involve three-fold design challenges: creative, technical and political. Idil Gaziulusoy presents the current state-of-the-art of this emerging design research and practice field and provides pointers for how sustainability transitions research benefits from a design angle.

Dr. Idil Gaziulusoy is a sustainability scientist and a design researcher whose work is situated at the intersection of design research, futures studies and sustainability transformations. Her PhD, completed in 2010 at the University of Auckland, was the first to integrate design and sustainability transitions and she developed a theoretical framework and an operational method for design and innovation teams to align their short-term design decisions with long-term sustainability transformations. Her post-doctoral research took place at the University of Melbourne where she researched the roles design plays in transition processes focusing on Visions and Pathways to Low-carbon and Resilient Futures project funded by the CRC Low-carbon Living. She worked in Turkey, New Zealand, Australia and Finland. Currently, she is Assistant Professor of Sustainable Design and Leader of NODUS Sustainable Design Research Group at Aalto University, Finland.

Contact Information: 03 9214 5286
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