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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder | Swinburne Psychology Clinic
Level 2 The George (GS) Building,
Part two of a two-part CBT Workshop Series presented by Asscociate Professor Sunil Bhar.
Understanding, Assessing and Treating Adult Firesetters
This workshop for mental health and correctional professionals provides the most up to date local research conducted at the Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science, and cutting-edge international research and best-practice approaches on the assessment and treatment of deliberate firesetters.
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Parkinson’s Disease | Seminar Series on Ageing
Parkinson's Victoria's Clinical Nurse Consultant Victor McConvey will share his knowledge and insights about Parkinson’s Disease and working with older adults.
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Music therapy | Seminar Series on Ageing
Discover the role of music and music therapy in palliative care, aged care and progressive neurological disease.
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2017 Annual Barak/Wonga Oration
Chandelier Room, Hawthorn Arts Centre,
Adjunct Professor Muriel Bamblett presents 'Walking in two worlds: Can Reconciliation lead us together onto a single pathway for a more just and equitable outcomes for all?'
Adam Elliot – From Centrelink to the Academy Awards: Public Lecture
Adam Elliot is one of the world's leading independent filmmakers and 'clay' animators. In this lecture, he recounts his journey that culminated in winning an Academy Award, an inspiring David and Goliath tale not to be missed.
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2017–2019 Reconciliation Action Plan Launch
Wakefield Street Gardens,
Join us for the launch of the 2017–19 Reconciliation Action Plan and show your support for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community at Swinburne.
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Psychology Study Skills Workshop 1: Academic Writing
Learn how to get top marks on your psychology assignments and improve your lab academic writing skills.
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Responsive Agile Workplace: Reimagining workplace design in data rich environments
Join Dr Augstin Cheez to learn how a design approach can benefit the contemporary work environment and maximise business impact.