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Physics Preparation Program

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Date: Monday 5 February – Friday 16 February 2018
Venue: EN202, EN Building, Hawthorn Campus

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Our Physics Preparation Program is an opportunity for students, undertaking the Energy and Motion unit, to review the foundational knowledge of physics concepts essential for success in the unit. If you have not undertaken a physics course before or would like a refresher on introductory physics concepts, we invite you to register for this program.

We'll examine objects in motion through learning the kinematics and dynamics topics and investigating the rotational motion. We will review the work, energy and power concepts, touch on gas and fluid physics, and learn about waves and oscillations. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to solve questions with your teacher and participate in group discussions.

Your commitment:

  • 2 weeks of participation
  • 4 hours of face-to-face tutorials per day

Daily schedule:

Teaching: 10am – 12pm
Lunch: 12pm – 1pm
Teaching: 1pm – 3pm

Note: 6 hours per week (on average) of independent study is required, including completing the homework questions.

Upon meeting the attendance and homework requirements, you'll be given up to 10 bonus points (5% of your final mark) towards your Unilink Energy and Motion raw unit mark.

Bonus points will be given for:

  • Participation in at least 80% of face to face classes
  • Participation in group work; and
  • Timely submission of homework questions.

For further enquiries, please contact Dr Elena Sinchenko, the Program Convenor and Learning and Academic Skills Advisor.

Registrations close 5pm, Sunday 4 February 2018.

Contact Information: Elena Sinchenko
Email: Tel: (03) 9214 8806