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Darkness and Light Exhibition at Gallery 369

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Date: Saturday 11 November - Monday 11 December
Venue: Gallery 369 Wantirna campus

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In this exhibition, five artists interrogate the moments we visualise, framing our feelings, and asking you as a viewer to explore your perceptions, fears, expectations and anxieties. Using the mediums of film, sound and light, their works dance between reality and perception, the known and the unknown, connecting you to your experiences and emotions.

The Nurobodi Spectrum Profiles installation encourages you to consider how different colours within the spectrum of light or specific frequencies of sound affect your thoughts & emotions, both positively & negatively. Rachel Phillips Surreality takes you into the world of dreams and nightmares exploring the complex way our brains process information at night.

Steve Sumpton’s cinematic images, Through The Screen, are hauntingly voyeuristic; set in suburbia they challenge our everyday perceptions and invite new perspectives.

Artist Tash Jury invites you into the intimacy of her lounge room with Suburban Dread, a series of video works investigating the ideas of despondency and isolation.

And Nathan Blackwell’s, Praxis of Motion, highlights the gap between reality and expectation, the still image and the animated.

Contact Information: Mark Boyle
Email: Tel: 03 9210 1134