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Centre for Transformative Innovation & Swinburne Law School: Research Seminar

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Date: Monday 5 June 2017
Venue: Moot Court, TD120, Swinburne University, Hawthorn Campus

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Determinants of employment growth in Australia

Omer Majeed


A key issue today is the effect of innovation on employment. This is the first paper to study the drivers of employment growth in Australia, paying particular attention to the role of innovation. The paper investigates the determinants for both average firms and high-growth firms.

Using the newly constructed Business Longitudinal Analysis Data Environment (BLADE) the paper finds several novel insights. First, the paper finds that innovation on average has a positive impact on employment growth. However, it is only product and process innovations that positively impact employment growth, while organizational/managerial and marketing innovations do not impact employment growth. Second, the paper studies how important turnover growth and capital investment are for employment growth. Both of these variables are found to have a positive and significant impact on employment growth. Third, the paper studies the impact of various business strategies on employment. Not surprisingly, firms that have costs as focus of their business strategy are likely to cut employment. While other forms of business strategies do not seem to impact employment.

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