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Swinburne Aviation one of the great leaders in Aviation Education

By Hansard

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Swinburne Aviation has been cited by the Aviation Industry minister as one of the great leaders in the area of aviation education over the last two decades when responding to a recent question in the house regarding developments in the aviation education sector.

Hon. G. K. RICH-PHILLIPS (Minister responsible for the Aviation Industry) --

I thank Mrs Peulich for her question and for her interest in this important aspect of education in Victoria. Yesterday I was able to speak in the house about one of the opportunities for pilot training in Victoria in coming years -- the AIR 5428 contract for the Australian Defence Force. Pilot training is not the only area of the aviation industry where Victoria is leading the way in providing training services.

One of the great leaders in this area over the last two decades has been Swinburne University, which along with RMIT has introduced a range of very innovative programs for aviation education. Swinburne has just celebrated 20 years of providing aviation education in the pilot training area and also across a range of other disciplines related to aviation. These include training programs around engineering, aviation management and aviation planning and development. We now have in Victoria the capacity to offer a full suite of training programs relevant to aviation disciplines, which positions the state very well in attracting international education students.

Last week I was delighted to visit Swinburne's campus in Hawthorn to officially open its new aviation simulation laboratory.

The introduction and the use of simulation technology in aviation is not new; it is something that has been used extensively for a number of years, and in Victoria we have a number of companies that are providing very good aviation simulation products in a training environment. What is unique about what Swinburne is doing with its new aviation simulation laboratory is that it is using it as a research facility rather than as a training facility. The purpose of the aviation simulation laboratory is to give postgraduate students at Swinburne an opportunity to undertake research into issues such as human factors, fatigue and the way in which adverse weather affects aviation operations. The facility consists of a new fixed wing flight simulator and a new rotary wing flight simulator, and it will be used by postgraduate students to undertake a lot of innovative research into particularly the human factor areas around aviation operations, which simply has not been possible in the past. This is a further strengthening of our capacity in aviation training and research in this state, which positions Victoria as the leading state for aviation training provision in Australia.

Title Aviation industry: training services
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Date 29 March 2012
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