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Industrial Research Institute Swinburne (IRIS)

Director's Welcome

Sally McArthur

IRIS, located at Swinburne for some 15 years, has a long and respected standing within the manufacturing sector of Australia and is the centre for Manufacturing Research at Swinburne. Our core area of interest is defined as 'Surface Science and Interface Engineering'.

We provide innovative manufacturing research and education to individuals, industry, and government organizations. We perform long and short term research activities including fundamental research and technique development, feasibility studies, customised short-term training and degree award courses. The success of the centre is based on understanding customer requirements, appreciating world-wide market competition, a capacity to capture future technology trends, and recognition of time-to-market constraints.

However, IRIS is much more than this: for example, we are the nexus of 4 ARC Cooperation Research Centres, we champion a Masters in Advanced Manufacturing Technology and we have extensive professional networks around the world

I welcome you to get in touch with me to discuss your needs so that we can explore collaborative opportunities.


The overarching theme of all IRIS activities relates to the science of surfaces and interfaces, based on a knowledge-intensive facility that is internationally competitive in surface engineering. The innovation lies in the creation of novel surfaces that can be modified at an atomic level, with the objective of developing new properties and hence new functionalities for advanced applications.

Key Capabilities