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Engineering and Science Education Research (ESER) Group


The Engineering and Science Education Research (ESER) Group aims to strengthen student learning by enabling academic staff to conduct and publish educational research and scholarship. The ESER Group brings together academic staff, principally from the Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Sciences but is also inclusive of staff from across the University with similar educational research interests. The ESER Group includes nationally and internationally recognised researchers in the field.

The ESER performs long- and short-term research activities, ranging from multi-year, collaborative internally and externally funded projects to individual academics undertaking research on classroom improvements.

The group specialises in research on teaching and learning innovations, and has research foci around student engagement (such as active learning, using technology to engage students in large lectures, and project based learning), improving teaching practices, professional identity development and industry engagement in professional education.

Welcome from Head of Group

The Engineering and Science Education Research (ESER) group was established at the start of 2010, with a significant and long-term funding commitment from the Faculty of Engineering & Industrial Sciences (FEIS).

Although many of the ESER group’s active members come from FEIS, the group also welcomes members from other parts of Swinburne engineering and science education community, including Swinburne Professional Learning (SPL), Faculty of Information & Communication Technologies (FICT), Faculty of Life and Social Sciences (FLSS), Swinburne TAFE, and the Swinburne Sarawak Campus, Malaysia.

Our mission is to enhance engineering and science students’ learning through informed and innovative education research and scholarship. Although primarily focused on our own engineering and science students at Swinburne, our education research and scholarship should influence students’ learning across the university, nationally and internationally.