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Smart Structures Laboratory

Smart Structures Laboratory

Swinburne University of Technology is undergoing rapid growth, particularly in the area of engineering education and research. The Swinburne Advanced Technology Centre building is a major investment in new infrastructure to support this growth and houses iconic research equipment related to the University's areas of research strength, including a new Smart Structures Laboratory.

The $15 million laboratory is a major three-dimensional testing facility developed for large scale testing of civil, mechanical, aerospace and mining engineering components and systems and the only one of its type available in Australia. The 1.0m thick strong floor measures some 20m x 8m in plan with two 5m tall reaction strong walls meeting at one corner. The 3D strong cell have a grid of tie down points 0.5m apart over the whole floor and walls to secure the test specimens, as well as a suite of hydraulic actuators and universal testing machines varying in capacity from 10 tonnes to 500 tonnes. The laboratory is serviced by adjacent workshops and a hydraulic pump system located in the basement. The facility is housed in a large architecturally designed test hall about 8m tall, located prominently at the front of the ATC building.

The facility provides support to Swinburne's Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure and provides a regional and national focus for large 3D static and dynamic testing with a wide range of applications including; civil, mining, railway, aerospace and automotive components, systems and infrastructure.

The facility allows testing of existing and new systems and facilitate investigations of new materials under full-scale real loading conditions.

The research outcomes from these tests allow for the verification and calibration of computer models and simulations in three dimensions and provide significant benefits to both industry and government in developing sustainable and innovative solutions to complex problems.

Smart Structures Laboratory Smart Structures Laboratory Smart Structures Laboratory

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Other Contacts

Title Name Position Ext. E-Mail
Prof. WILSON, John Executive Dean,
Professor of Civil Engineering
Prof. GAD, Emad Professor - Structures 8210
Prof. SANJAYAN, Jay Professor of Concrete Structures 8034

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