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Nano Lab Usage Rates - Nanofabrication lab charge/access rates

The Centre for Micro-Photonics class 1000 clean room Academic and Industrial rates

CMP makes world class tools accesible to researchers. Several user categories are defined to access and use nanofabrication equipment. The hourly rate to access the Cleanroom and use major equipment are listed below.

N.B. - All job requests for independent completion by the Nanofabrication laboratory staff are conducted at Assisted Rate plus the relevant equipment cost.

Hourly rates:

Description Academic/Public Funded*# Industry#

Major Equipment $85 / hour$170 / hour
Minor Equipment and Laboratory Use $30 / hour$60 / hour
+ Staff Assistance $50 / hour$100 / hour

* 10% discount apply for Swinburne University of Technology Academic users

Major Equipment includes: Electron beam lithography, Ion beam lithography, SEM, PVD - Axxis, RIE - Samco, Mask aligner, Nanoimprint lithography and Optical profilometer.

Minor Equipment and Laboratory Use includes: Equipment not listed as major equipment above. General use of the wet chemical and cleanroom laboratory areas.

Please note that most of these items do require booking with the Laboratory Technician in order to schedule all users effectively.

Discounts are available to non-industry users by making a pre-paid purchase

Pre-paid purchase# Discount to be applied

$2,000 pre-paid account 15% Discount
$5,000 pre-paid account 20% Discount
$10,000 pre-paid account 25% Discount
$25,000 pre-paid account 30% Discount

# Small volumes of basic consumables are included in cost price; however, large volumes or specialised consumables (e.g. substrate materials) will be at full cost to the user and must be arranged with the Laboratory Technician. Any retooling will be charged to the user at cost.

In the case of a User Proposal for a new user, the user will be required to attend and pass the standard Nano Lab OHS induction procedure before they begin any work.

In addition to all other induction processes and operational health and safety and training requirements, researchers who wish to gain unassisted status must complete (and be assessed for competency against) application-specific training provided by the Laboratory Technician.

In addition to other requirements, the User Agreement must be completed and returned to the Nano Lab Technician before the user access can commence or a job can commence.

The Nano Lab reserves the right to revoke job/user approvals at any time with written notice.

Major collaboration projects can be negotiated. Enquiries should be directed to Professor Saulius Juodkazis

Project enquires and collaboration:

Alternately, request a quotation from Dr Xijun Li
Technical enquires and quotations:

Special offers and opportunities, if available, will appear on the Nano Lab home page.

All access and equipment charges are subject to regular review and may be changed without notice.

Lab Leader:
Saulius Juodkazis

ph: +61 3 9214 8718

Lab Technician:
Xijun Li

ph: +61 3 9214 5296


Research Projects: