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Cell Biology Group (CB)

The Centre for Micro-Photonics has individual research groups each working and collaborating on different aspects of nano- and bio-photonics. The Cell Biology group, led by Professor Sarah Russell has strong ties with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre where immune signaling is being investigated with the help of advanced forms of microscopy used at the CMP.

Group Overview:

Group Leader:
Develop and apply photonics-based technologies to biological research.
Co-disciplinary interactions between biologists and physicists will be extraordinarily enabling for biological research.

CMP can create a unique, internationally leading interface between physicists and biologists (Swinburne & Parkville Comprehensive Cancer Centre).
Laboratories are split between the Swinburne University Hawthorn Campus and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Research Projects and Affiliations:

Cell Biology
The Cell Biology group is investigating new approaches for quantitative, high resolution, tracking and manipulation of proteins during the establishment of cell polarity (in both T cells and epithelial cells). Possible molecular links between the regulation of cell polarity, cell tension and cell division are explored through the utilization of both microfabricated cell supports and laser tweezing to manipulate tension in cells.
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Human Frontiers - Superresolution
This project aims to develop high spatial resolution imaging techniques based on photoactivatable fluorescent proteins and localization algorithms, beyond the diffraction limit of conventional imaging techniques. The higher resolution available with this technique allows researchers to view cell interactions with greater detail.

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Group Leader:
Sarah Russell

ph: +61 3 9656 3727


Research Projects: