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Applied Plasmonics

Investigation of enhancement and localisation of the light field component of various geometries and material combinations due to the plasmonic effects in nanoparticles. These types of light field enhancements are important for the electron transport through the interface in solar cells and photo-catalytic applications and investigation will lead to better understanding and development of efficient solar cells.

Project Overview:

The aim of this project is to investigate the enhancement and localisation of the light due to the plasmonic effect in nanoparicles of various geometries and material combinations.

Research Overview:

The applied plasmonics staff are new to Swinburne and will develop their research interests throughout the year.

Figure shows the absorption, scattering, and extinction spectra as well as localization and enhancement of the normalized (to the incident) light field intensity shown in logarithmic scale; dashed lines are for the sphere without substrate. Arrow shows the spectral feature at which large enhancement (though weak scattering and absorption) is localized on the interface.

Project Leader:
Saulius Juodkazis

ph: +61 3 9214 8718


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