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Multidimensional optical data storage using lithographed plasmonic nanorods


A/Prof. James W. M. Chon, Tel: +61 3 9214 4326, email:

Project Description

Metallic nano-structured materials such as nanorods (NRs) are the new class of material that has enormous potential in applications such as a biosensor, micro-laser, flexible display devices and multidimensional optical data storage. ONSPA group has been focusing recent research effort on microscopy/spectroscopy of a single NR, and its application to multi-dimensional optical data storage. Previously we successfully implemented 5-dimensional optical data storage using photothermal melting of nanorods [1-5]. For application in commercial disk drive system, it needs to comply with stringent requirements of current optical drive system, in particular, the cost. For this, the project aims to fabricate large array of plasmonic nanorods using electron beam lithography. This project aims to synthesise and characterise the silver NRs using various spectroscopic/microscopic methods and try to address the low photothermal stability in 5D optical storage. The project will also involve fabricating the multilayered disk and drive for prototype development.


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