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Nanophotonics Postgraduate Projects at CMP

Below you will find a list of potential projects available in CMP's nanophotonics research program. Students are encouraged to discuss with the supervisors other projects that could be relevant to the Centre's research interests. Full project descriptions and information can be found by clicking the 'More Information' links.

Optical Nanomaterial Spectroscopy (ONSPA)

Plasmonic nanostructure reshaping due to surface diffusion

Supervisor: A/Prof James W. M.  Chon (

In this project, we propose to design and fabricate nanoplasmonic waveguide structures and study the surface diffusion induced instability of the structures, which involves three-dimensional simulations into shape evolution. This project will be of importance to nanoplasmonic circuitry, high density optical storage based on plasmonic nanoparticles, linear and nonlinear biolabelling application of plasmonic nanorods, solar cells and photovoltaics, and optical nanoantennas.  More Information


Multidimensional Optical Data Storage using lithographed plasmonic nanorods

Supervisor: A/Prof James W. M. Chon (

In this project, we aim to develop multidimensional optical recording medium based on plasmonic nanorods where the spectral and polarization properties add additional dimensions to in recording methods. The new dimensions multiply storage limits without increasing the physical size of the medium. More Information


Two-photon luminescence of plasmonic nanoantennas and superstructures

Supervisor: A/Prof James W. M. Chon (

In this project, we propose to study plasmon coupled nanoantenna and superstructures by means of linear and non-linear luminescence spectroscopy, to understand the field enhancement mechanisms and to increase its luminescence quantum efficiency. This project will help develop novel non-toxic, highly efficient, linear and nonlinear luminescent markers that are stable and free of blinking/bleaching.  More Information


Graphene hybridization with plasmonic nanostructures

Supervisor: A/Prof James W. M. Chon (

We study single layer graphene hybridized with plasmonic nanosheets using Raman spectroscopy and dark-field scattering, to understand the interaction between the two materials. In collaboration with Byungkwon Lim’s group at Sungkyunkwan University. For more information, contact Prof. James W. M. Chon