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Application Checklist

The continual turnover of PhD students and expansion of the centre means new positions are available with most research areas. The vast amount of information regarding applications can lead to confusion over the exact process of application. Here we give a brief summary of important steps and documentation that must be included in your application. It should not be seen as a replacement to thorough reading of course, scholarship and application procedure.

  • Determine your area of research interest
    Read through our biophotonics or nanophotonics project lists to determine a research area you are comfortable with and contact the appropriate supervisors to discuss details about the project and potential supervision. Discussion allows for you to express any ideas about your vision for the project, and without agreement of the supervisors your application will not be able to proceed.

  • Review course, scholarship and application requirements through the Swinburne Research Higher Degrees website and above information.
    All courses and scholarships have different eligibility criteria for local and international students. Failure to meet these criteria will be detrimental to your application. Important information regarding fees, entitlements and examination is also available for your information. CMP provides a short guide here but strongly recommends reviewing the information provided directly by Swinburne Research.

  • Fill out the appropriate application forms
    Application forms differ for local and international students. Ensure you fill out all the appropriate forms and ensure you follow any instructions within them.

  • Obtain and verify copies of any required supporting documentation
    Various pieces of documentation are required to prove your identity and qualifications. Each form will list the necessary documentation you must provide and you are to ensure the copies you supply have been verified as true copies of the originals.

  • Return forms and documentation to appropriate addresses
    Application forms are to be returned to the address stated on the forms, and not the the CMP supervisors. The Referee Report forms are to be sent by the referee directly to the address listed on the form and should NOT be included with the applicants application form.

  • Monitor your correspondence for both confirmation of application and notification of application approval
  • Swinburne will notify you when both your application has been received, and when a decision has been made. Ensure you follow up on the forms if you receive no notification within a reasonable amount of time after the deadlines.