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Nature's Scientific Reports announced the first graphene-based holographic optical disc

Friday October 4 2013

Nature Scientific Reports announced that Swinburne researchers have succeeded in creating the first graphene-based holographic optical disc. They have shown the potential of graphene for transforming secure optical information storage.

"Conventionally, information is recorded as binary data in a disc. If the disc is broken, the information cannot be retrieved," Director of the Centre for Micro-Photonics at Swinburne, Professor Min Gu, said.

"More importantly, graphene has been deemed as a revolutionary replacement for silicon, which is the platform for current information technologies based on electronics," Dr Xiangping Li said.

This research has been funded under the Australian Research Council Discovery Project scheme and the Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship program.

The research paper: doi:10.1038/srep02819

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