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CMP students win 2013 CUDOS student challenge

Thursday February 7 2013

The Centre for Ultrahigh-bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS) Student Challenge is awarded annually to students who demonstrate ingenuity, creativity and problem solving skills in the scope of CUDOS research and optics and photonics. Ben Cumming, Fabio Turella, Sahar Tabrizi and Xiaorui Zheng have been awarded first prize in the 2013 CUDOS student challenge.

In 2013, students were invited to create a proposal and prototype mobile application for any common mobile device including iphone, ipad, android phone and tablet devices, which promotes Photonics and CUDOS to a pre-tertiary audience (Kindergarten/Preparatory, Y1-Y12).

The winning CMP students developed a proposal for a cross-platform communications app called CUDOS Wave. The application allows students to use their mobile devices external speaker and LED flashlight to communicate in a perceptible and intuitive manner. By using these waveforms in place of WiFi, GSM or Bluetooth, students would gain an understanding of carrier wave properties and the behavior of common modulation techniques such as amplitude, frequency and pulse width modulation.

Congratulation to these CMP students for their achievement.